AH Series Air Cooled Oil Cooler

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This series of products is made of aluminum alloy material with light weight, excellent anti-seismic and high heat exchange efficiency.
In terms of structure, fins are added to the radiator tube to increase the heat dissipation area and speed up the heat transfer.
Under the operation of the fan,taking the air as the cooling source, the heat is forced to take away, which achieves a low cost and high efficiency cooling effect and meets the requirements of energy saving, water saving and environmental protection.
Apparently, it is the most popular choice of oil coolers in the market.

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1. Environment protecting, energy conservation, easy maintenance and low operating cost.
2. Compact structure, large heat dissipation area and high heat exchange efficiency.
3. Long working life, high working pressure, cooling the oil return, oil drain and independent loop of hydraulic system. cooling and independent loop cooling.
4. Easy to use, convenient installation, low failure rate.
5. Safety. The water and oil will not be mixed and fatally damage system once burst, unlike water cooler.
6. Appropriate fluid temperature: 10°C~ 130°C, appropriate for ambient temperature: -40°C ~ -100°C.


Maximum allowable working pressure: 20Bar;
New product pressure test pressure: static (water pressure): 35bar, hold pressure for 10 minutes;
Pulse (water pressure): 30bar, 50 times;
Factory air tightness test pressure (limited by safety regulations): 14Bar;
Large coolers, as well as customer requirements, are all subjected to pressure test before leaving the factory, and then to air tightness test.

Cooling Medium

Don't corrode aluminum alloys:
① Hydraulic oil
② lubricating oil
③ Water and water-soluble liquids...
Water and Glycol Mixtures, please consult us.


Model Rated Flow
Working Pressure
Cooling Capacity
Fan Power(W) Inlet&Outlet Thread L*W*H
Net Weight            (KG)
220V 380V 12V 24V
AH0608T-CA 60 ≤2.0 1.7 35 35 16 16 G¾" 313*115*202 4
AH0608TL-CA ≤2.0 3.2 2*35 2*35 2*16 2*16 406*123*200 6
AH1012T-CA 100 ≤2.0 5.6 50 60 80 80 G1" 395*215*356 10
AH1417T-CA 150 ≤2.0 14.5 129 129 120 120 570*335*409 20
AH1470T-CA 200 ≤2.0 18.2 129 129 120 120 G1¼" 570*340*409 22
AH1490T-CA 250 ≤2.0 24 129 129 120 120 570*370*409 26
AH1680T-CA 300 ≤2.0 30 380 414 / / G1½" 805*375*608 49
AH2431T-CA 450 ≤2.0 52 666 780 / / 900*398*709 67
AH3818T-CA 600 ≤2.0 83 / 900 / / G2" 920*440*992 104
In order to protect the cooler from breaking, the explosion-proof valve or bypass unloading circuit must be installed when the cooler is installed in the oil return circuit.           

Is your system too hot to perform?
You can rest assured that heat-induced breakdowns will no longer be a problem with Dongxu Hydraulics efficient, high-performance cooling systems which reliably perform in an array of areas of use.




① Machine tools

Machine tools

② Special machinery

Special machinery

③ Construction machinery

Construction machinery

④ Tunnels


⑤ Port machinery

Port machinery

⑥ Hydraulic power stations

Hydraulic power stations

⑦ Lubrication systems

Lubrication systems

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