Aluminum Alloy Bell Cover (round)

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20 years bell jar manufacturing experience
Powerful R&D capabilities provide fast technical services

Dongxu Hydraulic Testing Center is equipped with various advanced high-precision equipment and measuring equipment.
It can perform mechanical properties, chemical composition analysis and precise dimensional measurement.
To ensure that customers are provided with satisfactory and assured products.

Also known as hydraulic pump bell cover, pump sleeve. Usually in the hydraulic system, it is used to connect the oil pump and the electric motor.
One end of the flange is connected to the oil pump, and the other end is connected to the motor.

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1. It is used to connect IEC standard motor and hydraulic oil pump;
2. The bottom of the bell hood is not solid but has reinforcing ribs;
3. There are ventilation holes on the side, which is convenient to observe the operation of the machine;
4. Can be used for repeated loads;
5. The choice of vertical and horizontal motors is available.


This installation method can minimize the coaxiality error of the two shafts, and make the oil pump rotate without noise, which is an ideal way to prolong the service life of the oil pump.


No air holes,  strong tensile strength, large torque, high density (+T6)

By using the bell-shaped housings, the motor and pump shaft are optimally aligned to each other.
Aluminum material is light in weight and high in strength.
Horizontal assembly may be combined with foot flange motor.
Bell-shaped shell material is advanced aluminum die casting.
The aluminum bell-shaped shell is precisely processed to reduce the dislocation of the coupling shafts.
The bell-shaped aluminum shell also greatly reduces noise.
The size of the aluminum bell-shaped shell can be regarded as exceeding the factory inventory.




Model Dimensions
PK200 35 50 130 165 200 95
50 65
50.77 82.5 100
50.77 90
55 80
75 100
80 100
80 106
80 109
82.5 106.4
PK250 50 65 180 215 250 120
55 80
70 95
75 100
80 100
80 106
80 109
82.5 106.4
85 130

Ordering Description

Model Bracket Height
Oil Pump Port
Center distance of oil pump installation
Oil pump mounting holes Motor mounting holes
PK200 95 82.55 106.4 4-M10 4-φ11
Note: The model and parameters of the oil pump are provided by the customer, and the final confirmation is based on the supplier's drawing.     

Selection Guide

The bell housing is the connecting element between the IEC motor and the hydraulic pump.
Customers can install our samples and choose the appropriate model. Of course, the quickest way is to provide the complete model of the motor and hydraulic pump, and Dongxu technicians will provide the exact model and drawings.
The bell jars produced by our company have the following characteristics:
1. According to the international production, and to improve;
2. The whole piece and flanges at both ends are machined and can be connected to various hydraulic pumps of ISO installation size;
3. The motor shaft and the hydraulic pump shaft are automatically aligned, which is convenient, accurate and efficient to install;
4. The bell jar material is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful, light and rigid;
5. Can be used for heavy-duty connection;
6. With a large inventory, it is suitable for all kinds of hydraulic pumps.

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