TECHNICAL NEWS|how does heat exchanger affect the life of the oil and equipment?

Heat exchangers are often used in system cooling equipment, but how does this affect the life of the oil and equipment?
Depending on the size or criticality of the machine, many heat exchangers are installed at the factory. When working with this type of equipment, maintenance personnel must maintain the operation of the heat exchanger within certain parameters. If these parameters are exceeded, the equipment will eventually shut down, usually due to a safety feature that shuts down the equipment due to high temperatures.
The following are some proactive methods that can help keep your equipment running at peak performance. Heat exchangers can be used as part of one of these proactive practices – cooling lubricants.
Calorie is one of the four pro-oxidants. The rest are air, water, and metal catalysts. These pro-oxidants lead to the formation of acids, deposits, sludge, and high viscosity, which is usually caused by oxidation. Oxidation is the irreversible degradation of lubricants due to chemical reactions involving oxygen. As it oxidizes, long-chain molecules are formed that contribute to forming sludge, tar, carbon deposits, and acids.
People reviewing an oil analysis report usually look at the increase in viscosity and acid number to determine the condition of the lubricant. While this is important, it is very important to change the lubricant before critical limits are exceeded. Do not forget that the health of the lubrication is the key to maintaining the health of the equipment. When you neglect lubricants, you neglect your equipment, allowing sludge, tar, and varnish to become contaminants that can damage bearings, servo valves, and more and cause equipment failure. As oxidation increases, so does acid, which corrodes internal components.
Heat exchangers can play an important role in reducing heat in a system. Whatever type of heat exchanger is used, it must be operated within its capacity to keep the lubricant cold. Check with us(heat exchanger manufacturer) to make sure you are within the proper limits.
Also, remember that oil life is halved for every 10°C (18°F) rise in operating temperature (Arrhenius Rule). This means that if you have high temperatures and the heat exchanger is not set up properly, it will oxidize faster.
From a reliability point of view, it is known that the oil needs to be changed more often in a car running at a higher temperature than in a car with a lower temperature, but you can also apply the Arrhenius coefficient rule to your car. For example, the hotter the oil in your car, the more often you will need an oil change.
However, don’t think that heat alone can cause oxidation. You still have to deal with air, water, metal catalysts, and all the other contaminants that can get into your lube.
So take a look at the machines in your factory that are currently overheated. They can be good candidates for heat exchangers. Also, if you can lower your lubricant’s operating temperature by 10 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit), you can double the life of your oil. Remember that low-temperature lubricants improve the condition of the lubricants as well as the reliability of the equipment.

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