Technical News|How to Eliminate Noise and Vibration of Hydraulic Power Station?


Causes and Elimination Methods

Noise and vibration in the pump, causing resonance in pipelines and oil tanks.

1. Connect the inlet and outlet of the pump with hoses.
2. The pump should not be installed on the oil tank, the motor and pump should be installed on the base separately, and separated from the oil tank.
3. Increase the hydraulic pump and reduce the number of motor revolutions.
4. Stuff the anti-vibration material under the base of the pump and the tank.
5. Choose low noise pump and use vertical motor to immerse hydraulic pump in oil.

System resonances caused by valve springs

1. Change the installation position of the spring.
2. Change the stiffness of the spring.

3. Change the relief valve to the form of external drain.

4. Using remote control relief valve.
5. Completely exhaust the air in the circuit.
6. Change the length, thickness, material, thickness, etc. of the pipe.
7. Increase the pipe clamp to prevent the pipe from vibrating.
8. Install a throttle valve in a certain part of the pipeline.

Vibration caused by air entering the hydraulic cylinder

1. Drain the air.
2. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease on the hydraulic cylinder piston and sealing gasket.

Noise from intense oil flow in the pipeline

1. Thicken the pipeline to control the flow rate within the allowable range.
2. Use less elbows and more elbows with small curvature.
3. Use special hydraulic hose.
4. Do not use right-angle elbow or tee in the oil flow disorder.
5. Use mufflers, accumulators, etc.

Resonant sound in fuel tank

1. Thickened box board.
2. Add rib plates on the side plates and the bottom plate.
3. Change the shape or position of the end of the oil return pipe.

Shock noise from valve reversing

1.Reduce the control pressure of electro-hydraulic valve reversing.
2. Add a throttle valve on the control line or oil return line.
3.Select components with pilot .
4. Adopt electrical control method, so that more than two valves cannot be reversed at the same time.

Poor work of the balance valve, etc., resulting in pipeline vibration and noise

1. Install throttle valve, overflow valve, unloading valve, hydraulic control check valve at appropriate place.
2.Transform into leaked form.
3. Transform the circuit.
4. Add a pipe clamp.

Post time: Nov-11-2022