Technical News|The hydraulic industry is completely abandoning water cooling and replacing it with air cooling.

There are many invisible wastes of energy in industry, especially water and electricity. Among the principles that help mechanical equipment to cool during operation are ice-making cooling, water cooling and air cooling. Ice-making water cooling consumes the most energy. , Water turns into ice and then used to cool the heat of the machine, doubling the power and water consumption; the second is water cooling, which consumes the most water. Take a 1000RT (chilled tons) cooling tower as an example, the equipment circulates 11,356 liters of water per minute. About 510 liters of water is lost and wasted due to evaporation, splashing, etc. , air cooling is the most environmentally friendly, it is taken from nature and used inexhaustibly.
After several droughts and power outages, the industry began to think about the need to choose more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration equipment, choosing air coolers one by one and phasing out ice-making cooling and high-energy water cooling. equipment.
In the field of industrial refrigeration, Shi Liyu, chairman of Kulin Industrial Co., Ltd., has spent more than 20 years promoting the concept of air cooling, which is truly energy-saving, environmentally friendly and reusable, and finally gained more recognition and recognition during the drought in this year and power outages.
He talked about the customer’s “temperature cooling hydraulic oil injection molding machine”. In fact, there is no need to use a compression system for cooling. As long as the fan is used wisely for cooling, a sufficient cooling effect can be achieved.
Shi Dong also explained that by using efficient air-cooling control, we can control the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the range of only 3-5 degrees above room temperature, which is more than enough.
The biggest feature is that it is very convenient to connect multiple units in series, and the cooling effect has no upper limit. No matter how big the hydraulic press is, it can easily achieve the cooling effect. In terms of maintenance, the cost is only less than 5% of the shell and tube water cooling equipment.
At present, Kulin air coolers have achieved outstanding results in various industries, and are widely used in rubber and plastic injection molding machines, wire cutting machines, punching machines, grinding machines, milling machines, injection molding machines and other fields.

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