Technical News | What should be paid attention to when using accumulators?


In general, the following points should be paid attention to when using an accumulator:


  1. The accumulator as an emergency power source must be checked and maintained frequently to ensure that it is in good condition and ensure safety.
  2. The airbag must be regularly checked for air tightness.The general rule is that the accumulators used in the initial stage should be checked once a week, once within the first month, and once a year thereafter.
  3. When the inflation pressure of the accumulator is lower than the specified value, it must be inflated in time to ensure that it is always in the best working condition.
  4. When the accumulator does not work, first check the air tightness of the air valve. If it is leaking, it should be supplemented. If the valve is leaking oil, it should be checked whether the airbag is damaged. If it is oil leaking, the relevant parts should be replaced.
  5. Before inflating the airbag accumulator, pour a little hydraulic oil from the oil port to achieve airbag lubrication.


How to inflate:

  • Charge the accumulator with an inflation tool.
  • When inflating, slowly turn the inflation switch, and it should be turned off immediately after inflation is complete.
  • Then turn on the gas release switch to let off the residual gas in the gas path.
  • During the inflation process, attention should be paid to the use of the shut-off valve and pressure reducing valve between the inflation tool and the nitrogen cylinder.
  • Before inflating, first open the stop valve, then slowly open the pressure reducing valve, and inflate slowly to avoid damage to the capsule.
  • After the pointer of the pressure gauge indicates that the inflation pressure has been reached, close the shut-off valve. Then turn off the inflation switch and the inflation is over.

 ♦Note: Nitrogen should be added after the accumulator is installed, and it is strictly forbidden to inject flammable gases such as oxygen, hydrogen and compressed air.

The accumulator charging pressure is as follows:

  1. If the accumulator is used to ease the impact, usually the working pressure or slightly higher pressure at the installation place is the charging pressure.
  2. If the accumulator is used to absorb the pressure pulsation of the hydraulic pump, generally 60% of the average pulsation pressure is used as the inflation pressure.
  3. If the accumulator is used to store energy, the pressure at the end of inflation shall not exceed 90% of the minimum working pressure of the hydraulic system, but shall not be lower than 25% of the maximum working pressure.
  4.  If the accumulator is used to compensate the pressure deformation caused by the temperature deformation of the closed circuit, its charging pressure should be equal to or slightly lower than the minimum pressure of the circuit.

Post time: Nov-04-2022