How does a hydraulic oil cooler work?

Hydraulic oil coolers are indispensable equipment in many electrical appliances. They play a great role and are widely used in our daily lives. However, many people are still very unfamiliar with hydraulic oil coolers. So, hydraulic oil coolers How many parts does a switch consist of? What is the working principle of a hydraulic oil cooler? Here is a brief introduction for you.

The body of the hydraulic oil cooler is composed of three main parts: a heat exchange core, an indoor side fan, and an outdoor side fan. It also includes accessories such as a metal protective shell and air supply ducts. The hydraulic oil cooler works according to the “reverse Carnot” principle. To put it figuratively, the “outdoor unit” compresses the air like a pump to increase the air temperature, and then conducts it through a liquid that boils at -17°C. The heat is transferred to the indoor water storage tank, and then the heat is released and conducted into the water.

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The hydraulic oil cooler uses the indoor and outdoor temperature difference to exchange heat between the indoor and outdoor gases, thereby reducing the indoor temperature. From the perspective of the outdoor side, the outdoor air enters the device body from the outdoor side air supply port under the action of the outdoor side fan, and then undergoes heat exchange through the heat exchange core, and is discharged to the outside from the outdoor side exhaust port; from the indoor side From a perspective, the indoor air enters the device body through the indoor side air supply duct under the action of the indoor side fan, then undergoes heat exchange through the heat exchange core, and then returns to the computer room through the indoor side return air duct.

The structure of the hydraulic oil cooler is not complicated, but don’t underestimate the role of the hydraulic oil cooler. A small hydraulic oil cooler has a great effect and is used in many places. The hydraulic oil cooler can Exchanging heat can lower the indoor temperature. Many electrical appliances are equipped with hydraulic oil coolers, which bring a lot of convenience to our lives. Dongxu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of hydraulic oil coolers. Its product quality and technical indicators meet the standards of the European Union and other countries. Welcome to consult!

Post time: Oct-19-2023