What should you pay attention to before installing the hydraulic oil cooler?

A hydraulic oil cooler is a cooling device that can cool down an object. The main cooling media of the hydraulic oil cooler are water and air. Cold zones can be used for cooling, condensation, heating and evaporation. It is a kind of equipment that is widely used. The chemical industry, metallurgical industry, energy industry, etc. all need to use hydraulic oil coolers! The installation of hydraulic oil coolers is generally divided into vertical installation and horizontal installation. What do we need to pay attention to before installation ? Let’s take a look today.

1. When the hydraulic oil cooler is installed vertically, pay attention to the center of the equipment when lifting, and use the lifting holes to lift the connecting rod. There should also be enough space for maintenance at the installation site, and it can also be flat.

2. Make sure the cold zone device is clamped within the specified size range of the assembly line. Immediately correct it if it is not.

3. Pressure gauges and thermometers should be installed at the cold and hot media and outlets. The air valve is generally installed on the corner pipe to facilitate future repair and maintenance of the hydraulic oil cooler!

4. If the hydraulic oil cooler works above 100 degrees, the pipe joint and expansion thermal stress absorption compensation device. The tilt device is allowed to be used under special circumstances, but it must be fixed!

5. If water is used as a cooling medium or the waste heat of sewage is recycled or a medium containing granular solids, a right-side automatic discharge filter or dirt separator must be installed upstream of the hydraulic oil cooler inlet to avoid clogging the plate hydraulic oil cooler. When the medium When the maximum pressure is greater than the maximum operating pressure of the equipment, the pressure relief valve and overflow valve should be installed at the inlet of the device!

The above is what you need to pay attention to before installing the hydraulic oil cooler. Dongxu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of oil/air coolers, oil coolers, water hydraulic oil coolers and other products. You can search for the company name and provides you with a hydraulic oil cooler selection. and quotation services.

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Post time: Oct-24-2023