Dr. Zhang Haiping | Foshan hydraulic technology training successfully concluded

In order to systematically improve the hydraulic technology level of Foshan enterprises, Foshan Nanhai Dongxu Hydraulic Machinery Co., LTD., as the president unit of Foshan Hydraulic and Pneumatic Industry Association, Dr. Zhang Haiping, a scholar from Germany, a senior hydraulic expert, a visiting professor of Lanzhou University of Technology and an honorary consultant of Foshan Nanhai Dongxu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. was invited to Foshan from June 6 to June 9,2019 to hold a practice-oriented hydraulic technology training for intermediate technicians.

The lecturer introduction


Dr. Zhang haiping has rich hydraulic practice experience, has published more than 20 papers and has a solid theoretical foundation. He has written 5 highly popular hydraulic technology monographs, including hydraulic Screw Cartridge Valve, Hydraulic Speed Control Technology, Practical Hydraulic Testing Technology, Hydraulic Balance Valve Application Technology and Vernacular Hydraulic.
The June 2019 Dr. Zhang Haiping Foshan hydraulic training course hosted by Foshan Nanhai Dongxu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully opened in Foshan. Now, let's enjoy the wonderful course together!


Mr. Zhang Wei, general manager of Foshan Nanhai Dongxu Hydraulic Machinery Co., LTD.
Good morning everyone,my name is Zhang Wei. First of all, I warmly welcome you on behalf of Dongxu Hydraulic. We are fortunate to invite Dr. Zhang to Foshan to give us an opportunity to study further, which is indeed glorious yan!
I hope this training activity can help everyone, provide professional technical services for our hydraulic industry, improve the product quality of our company to a higher quality, so that the product is more competitive in the market, let us work together to refuel, finally sincerely wish this training activity achieve a complete success!


Dr. Zhang Haiping is well-accumulated and strategically advantageous. He speaks principle, essence and concept in simple language, and "penetrates" hydraulic technology. The training was carefully divided into seven themes:
● liquid drive electric control
● Test is the soul of hydraulic pressure
● Hydraulic speed control technology
● Balance valve application technology
● Hydraulic oil
● About the design of hydraulic system
● The development of hydraulic technology changes


In class, students take notes carefully, put the key points into the notebook, clear learning ideas, anytime and anywhere to learn new. Dr. Zhang haiping also said that students should have a critical spirit. If they have any questions about the content of the textbook, they can circle
them in red pen and make suggestions for revision.

Break between the classes

The training also provides opportunities for inter-industry cooperation and a platform for inter-enterprise cooperation. During the tea break, the students took the initiative to consult Dr. Zhang haiping about the important and difficult points of the last class, while the iron is hot, and constantly asked questions and interacted with each other on the teaching content and the problems they met in their work practice, so as to deepen their understanding and improve their understanding.


Technical communication

On the fourth day, Dr. Zhang Haiping will answer students' technical questions about our company. We gathered in the Dongxu hydraulic company, to discuss how to put the theory learned in class really to the implementation of the enterprise technology practice.


Our vision: discuss hydraulic technology together, promote the continuous innovation and breakthrough of hydraulic technology, let the world fall in love with Made in China, we have been working hard!

The end is also the beginning

The four-day hydraulic training course in Foshan was successfully completed with the joint efforts of Dr. Zhang Haiping, students and dongxu staff! Here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Zhang Haiping and all the students who are eager to learn.


Post time: May-19-2022