How to install and use plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchange equipment with high efficiency and energy saving. It has the characteristics of a compact structure, high heat transfer efficiency, and easy operation and maintenance. Because plate heat exchangers have the above characteristics and are very popular among users, in this article we will learn about the installation and use of plate heat exchangers!

The installation method of the plate heat exchanger is as follows:

1.Determine the location and size of the installation according to the requirements of the drawings; insert expansion bolts or anchor bolts on the foundation according to site conditions;


2. Transport the plate heat exchanger components to the installation site for assembly, then check whether the components are damaged or not. If damage is found, it must be repaired before assembly and use.


3. Fix the assembled plate on the steel plate with a clamp (add a washer between the clamp and the steel plate);

4. Use the fixing nut to screw the fixing screw into the hole of the expansion bolt (the diameter of the expansion bolt is 3mm smaller than the outer diameter of the expansion bolt), so that the expansion bolt be close to the steel plate, then lock the fixing nut to complete the fixing work.


5. After completing all installations according to the steps above, perform a full inspection and debugging operation of the entire system.

6. When the system works normally, dust and debris should be cleaned in time to avoid blocking the channels and affecting normal use. At the same time, pay attention to the rapid removal of scale and other impurities to ensure the normal operation and service life of the system.

The following points should be considered when using:

1. When using, you must strictly adhere to the relevant maintenance regulations and rules indicated in the product manual for correct use and regular maintenance. Otherwise, malfunctions or even losses may occur! If an anomaly is noted, the operation must be stopped immediately and the necessary measures taken to remedy it. 


2. During use, always check whether the pressure value of the pressure gauge is normal.If the pressure is too high, you must immediately close the valve and reduce the pressure before continuing to use it, otherwise, it means there is a leak and must be dealt with quickly to avoid accidents!

3.When using this product, pay attention to cleaning to avoid scale affecting the heat transfer efficiency and service life and causing other accidents! In order to prolong the service life, users are recommended to carry out comprehensive cleaning and descaling once a year to ensure the normal use and safety performance of the equipment.



Post time: Nov-14-2023