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1. Wide Heat Transfer Area
DONGXU cooper pipes number are 3 times above than fin tube type and roll-tooth type ones.

2. High Effecive Thermal Conductivity
Made of 100% Red Coopers Pipes ensure over 0.95 thermal conductivity.

3. No Oil Leaking
Avoid mixing water and oil and pass the Gas Tight Performance Test before shipment.

The water cover is gravity die-casted:
The strength is greatly enhanced, and the seal adopts imported NBR seal, which can more effectively prevent oil leakage and water leakage at the interface

Thickened red copper straight tube:
The tubular water cooler is composed of shell/front cover/rear cover/cooling core.
One end of the tube bundle is fixed and the other end is floating, thus effectively avoiding structural failures caused by thermal expansion.

A3 material:
The cylinder barrel is made of A3 material from a large manufacturer, which has higher pressure resistance and more reliability.

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1. CNC welding is used in the welding place, the welding joint is more round and full, and the appearance is more beautiful and durable.
2. The direction and angle of assembly can be changed at will, and the feet can be directly welded to any position of the mother machine or oil tank, which is convenient and simple.
3. Water inlet and outlet - good sealing performance, after 12 hours of pressure maintenance.
4. Oil inlet and outlet - good sealing, not easy to leak oil.




Model A
N X S F Flow
OR-60 450 305 55 89 120 210 84 34 13 95 57 11-20Lumbar holes 4-M8 3/4'' 3/4'' 60
OR-100 555 390 60 114 150 280 104 30 13 150 95 11-20Lumbar holes 6-M8 3/4'' 3/4'' 100
OR-150 575 380 70 140 180 280 118 30 13 175 130 11-20Lumbar holes 6-M8 1¼'' 1'' 150
OR-250 780 580 70 140 180 480 118 30 13 175 130 11-20Lumbar holes 6-M8 1¼'' 1'' 250
OR-350 1175 985 70 165 180 885 118 30 13 175 130 11-20Lumbar holes 6-M8 1¼'' 1'' 350
OR-600 1175 950 110 165 215 760 142.5 30 13 203 160 14-17Lumbar holes 8-M8 2'' 1¼'' 600
OR-800 1700 1470 110 165 215 1280 142.5 30 13 203 160 14-17Lumbar holes 8-M8 2'' 1¼'' 800
OR-1000 2140 1890 110 165 215 1700 142.5 30 13 203 160 14-17Lumbar holes 8-M8 2'' 1¼'' 1000
OR-1200 2530 2270 110 165 215 2080 142.5 30 13 203 160 14-17Lumbar holes 8-M8 2'' 1¼'' 1200


The new high-efficiency tubular oil cooler developed based on global relevant data is suitable for hydraulic lubrication systems in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, electric power, machine tools, light industry, plastics and other industries to cool the working medium to the specified temperature.

Metallurgical and chemical industry

Metallurgical and chemical industry(1)
Metallurgical and chemical industry2(1)
Metallurgical and chemical industry3(1)

Injection Engineering Machinery

Injection Engineering Machinery1(1)
Injection Engineering Machinery2(1)
Injection Engineering Machinery3(1)

Light Industry Textiles

Light Industry Textiles1(1)
Light Industry Textiles2(1)
Light Industry Textiles3(1)

Use and operation

1. The foundation of the cooler must be enough to prevent the equipment from sinking, and there should be enough space at the end of the fixed hole pan head cover.
In order to pull out the tube bundle from the shell, the equipment should be installed according to the hoisting specification. After the level is aligned, tighten the anchor screws to connect the inlet and outlet pipes of the cold and hot medium.

2. The air in the cavity should be exhausted before the cooler is started to improve the heat transfer efficiency. The steps are as follows:
1) Loosen the vent plugs on the hot and cold medium ends, and close the medium discharge valve;
2) Slowly open the water inlet valve of the hot and cold medium until the hot and cold medium overflows from the air vent, then tighten the air vent plug and close the water inlet valve.

3. When the water temperature rises by 5-10°C, open the water inlet valve of the cooling medium (Note: Do not open the water inlet valve quickly. When a large amount of cooling water flows through the cooler, it will cause a long-term formation on the surface of the heat exchanger. The "supercooled layer" with poor thermal conductivity of the layer), and then open the inlet and outlet valves of the heat medium to make it in a flowing state, and then pay attention to adjusting the flow rate of the cooling medium to keep the heat medium at the best operating temperature.

4. If galvanic corrosion occurs on one side of the cooling water, a zinc rod can be installed at the designated position.

5. Before the dirty medium passes through the cooler, a filter device should be provided.

6. The pressure of the cooled medium should be greater than the pressure of the cooling medium.


1. Before the dirty medium passes through the cooler, there should be a filter.

2. It is best to install it in a separate circulating loop, because the pressure (tail end) is small.

3. When working, both circulation loops need to be exhausted to achieve high efficiency and avoid rust in the loop.

4. The cold medium is connected first, and then the hot medium is connected to achieve high efficiency and avoid corrosion of the circuit.

5. The pressure of the cooled medium should be greater than that of the cooling medium.

6. The cooling water is usually fresh water (special order is required when cooling with sea water)

7. Regularly exhaust and clean at intervals.

8. In the cold season, and the cooler is not working, the water must be drained to avoid freezing.

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